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Will Dunn: The Mind of a Mad 15 year old.

Why did I ever leave… Yo! It’s me again!

What’s been going awnnnn in the world of Tumblr? Forgive my neglectful nature… I just really haven’t had much to write about :P


So yeah, “My Song”, the short film I was in, aired on Film4 and the Community Channel last week, to awesome response, which is great. The director posted it up on YouTube, so if you want to see me sticking my tongue out, check it - YouTube, “My Song”

I also did a student film a coupla weeks back, called “Zeus”, playing the main guy. It’s about a guy called James (me, and yes, I know, odd coincidence) looking after his paranoid and schizophrenic mother, and how he uses his writing as an escape. Hopefully that’ll be on YouTube soon :)

And finally… as I’m sure most, if not all of you have seen, Gertie Bilbert, has become a bit of a YouTube and Tumblr hit with his vids… especially the first minute of “The Fight”. All the Potter kids are in it, here it is! "The Fight"

So, now tell me what y’all have been doing! Speak soon!

Will XXX

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